How to unlock aSamsungPUK codephone that is asking for

This article is quite spontaneousbut it can help someone very much and save a lot of nerves and money. I got my hands on this gorgeous phone the other day. You can also get the unlock Samsung Puk Code from Samsung codes service in order to use your phone with the new rejected SIM card.

It was great in everything, but it had one fly in the ointment, it was sent from abroad and as I unfortunately discovered, phones purchased there have a regional lock. Here is such an unpleasant window POPs up after inserting a local SIM card.

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The phone does not work with SIM cards of our operators, only European and only from a number of countries listed on the package. This, of course, negates all the advantages, turning a cool phone into a cool, but small tablet and I began to look for how to solve this problem.

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The first thing I did was to dig into the box with the documents, and for good reason. There I found a separate piece of paper “Region lock guide

And now I was already upset and prepared to put the phone in the back drawer until I found out that there is a hope, as my mother-in-law wrote to me on Skype. She told me to insert the original Sim card that came with it from Europe and make a call about 6 minutes.

After inserting this SIM card, the phone immediately accepts it and can call. I just dialled my Russian number and waited about 6 minutes. It is interesting that when you try to call from an Estonian number, the call is immediately reset, and then my Russian number starts calling it. We take the phone – there are outgoing beeps. After that, ROS starts calling. phone, we take the phone and chat with ourselves) on the tourist map spent about a dollar per minute, and for an incoming call on the Russian did not remove anything (Megaphone, but I have it, I do not give guarantees).

After the call, I rebooted the phone just in case and changed the SIM card to the local one. And voila! The network is up and running. As a result, the price of the issue is 650 rubbles instead of 5000 in the official SC and the risk of ditching the phone with firmware.

I do not guarantee the universality of the method, but it worked on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, so it is better to look for information in the instructions similar to the one I found above. I hope this will help someone, as well as me, save nerves, money and time, and special thanks to my beloved mother-in-law for the hint.

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